Message from the Chair and Chief Executive

Message from the Chair, Dr Alan Bollard and Chief Executive, Ross Copland.

"As we reflect on our first full year of operation it is clear Te Waihanga has an important role to play in transforming New Zealand’s infrastructure."

As we reflect on our first full year of operation it is clear Te Waihanga has an important role to play in transforming New Zealand’s infrastructure.

Our second Annual Report summarises the focus areas and progress we have made against the outcomes we outlined in our Statement of Performance Expectations.

As the world continues to understand what the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic might look like, it has become apparent that high quality, affordable and sustainable infrastructure is more important than ever.

During 2020, infrastructure emerged as an important tool in the economic recovery of New Zealand, and our Pipeline report now shows $24 billion of infrastructure projects under construction in addition to a very busy residential construction sector. But all construction activity is facing delays and cost escalation exacerbated by a sudden increase in demand, disrupted supply chains, lockdowns, and a stretched workforce with employers lacking access to international talent due to MIQ capacity constraints and visa processing delays. We remain very focussed on assisting Government and the sector navigate through this sustained period of disruption.

It has been pleasing to see Te Waihanga growing a reputation as a trusted advisor and we have enjoyed the opportunity to establish relationships with a wide range of stakeholders.

A real highlight of the year was our Infrastructure 2021: Looking Ahead Symposium which was attended by 286 leaders and decision makers from the public and private sectors. The two-day event featured RMA reform, demographics and climate change and provided an opportunity to solicit feedback from New Zealand’s best and brightest for the New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy. Planning is already well underway for a bigger event next year.

Our people are vital to the work Te Waihanga does and the quality of our outputs. As a new Commission we have embedded several important initiatives during the year, including evolving to a flexible work environment and building the cultural competency of our team through te ao Māori and te reo Māori training. We have provided funding for staff wellbeing measures and had regular informal social events to help stay connected during a disrupted year. All staff have access to a training budget to support their professional development and we’re looking to grow this next financial year to continue upskilling and developing our talent. We spent time this year reflecting on our move from establishment mode to being fully operational and have developed an organisational strategy which includes deep consideration of the skills we need to deliver better infrastructure for New Zealand. Building the right mix of capability and supporting our people to perform at their best is an on-going area of focus for Te Waihanga.

Delivering New Zealand’s Infrastructure Strategy

Our most significant workstream this year has been the New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy which will be delivered as a draft to the Minister for Infrastructure in September 2021. We are very proud of the efforts of our team who have worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to speak to a broad mix of New Zealanders, synthesise international best practice, study the literature and ultimately deliver the strategy alongside the usual challenges COVID-19 has presented.

It was important to us that the New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy was underpinned by a robust evidence base and needs assessment. Over the year we published seven ‘State of Play’ reports outlining the current state of each sector focus area (water, telco, energy etc), and three Special Topic Reports looking at specific issues to inform the strategy. We are very grateful for the depth of thought and engagement from our stakeholders across Iwi, central and local Government and the private sector in helping us develop these reports.

The release of our He Tūāpapa ki te Ora, Infrastructure for a Better Future consultation document was a big milestone in our strategy development journey. Our eight-week engagement finished with over 700 high quality submissions, totalling 2,452 pages and more than 900,000 words. What we have heard has been vital in developing the draft Infrastructure Strategy.

Ensuring that we have engaged widely with our stakeholders has been a critical part of the development process and it has been a busy year for our team, with over 80 meetings, workshops and feedback opportunities.

Engaging New Zealanders

Giving all New Zealanders an opportunity to shape the Infrastructure Strategy is something we see as critically important.

Not only does our legislation require us to develop broad public agreement on the approach we take, but we also know that this is a strategy that affects how people live, work and play.

In March 2021, we launched a campaign called Aotearoa 2050 which asked New Zealanders what they want Aotearoa to look like in 2050. We were blown away by the response, with 23,500 New Zealanders having their say. What we have heard has made a real impact on the direction of the Infrastructure Strategy and shows how engaged Kiwis are in their future. For example, the public feedback directly led to the inclusion of the ‘circular economy’ recommendation in the draft strategy reflecting the importance New Zealanders placed on having access to better waste and recycling infrastructure.

A growing Infrastructure Pipeline

Since our formation in September 2019, our team have worked with government procuring agencies, councils, and infrastructure providers to collect and publish their respective investment intentions on the Infrastructure Pipeline.

As of 30 June 2021, the Infrastructure Pipeline held 2,586 projects from 143 contributors worth NZD$61 billion. Of those projects currently in our Infrastructure Pipeline, $24 billion are under construction.

We are now beginning to draw strong insights and projections that will be of real value to the sector, including which regions are facing resource pressure and which sectors or regions have excess capacity.

Our goal for the year ahead is to ensure that the Infrastructure Pipeline contains all local and central government infrastructure projects above a threshold value and provides a greater degree of certainty on the timing of when the project is likely to occur so that the market can plan, recruit and invest accordingly and with confidence.

Supporting delivery of major infrastructure projects

Te Waihanga has strong project delivery expertise which is deployed across a range of large infrastructure projects to support the entity responsible for delivering the project. These arrangements can be directed by our Minister or our Board, or mutually agreed with agencies seeking assistance by way of Project Support Agreements.

The only ministerial directive received by Te Waihanga in the year was the request to oversee an interim review into the Transmission Gully project. The review was led by Australian expert Steve Richards with support from Te Waihanga staff and identified several opportunities for improvement which are now being included in an update of the public private partnership (PPP) best-practice guidance.

The Minister for Infrastructure has directed Te Waihanga to complete a final review when the project is completed. The review will commence soon thereafter and will focus on how well the project has met its investment objectives as outlined in the approved business case, tender documents and final signed PPP agreement.

This year, we provided support to Antarctica New Zealand on commercial, procurement, project delivery and governance related to the redevelopment of Scott Base. The team have also provided advice to Auckland Light Rail, the New Zealand Upgrade Programme, MPI’s new biosecurity facility, Archives New Zealand, Dunedin Hospital and many more. We have reviewed businesses cases for several district health boards and provided leadership on oversight groups such as the Funding and Finance Committee for Let’s Get Wellington Moving.

Te Waihanga joined the Construction Sector Accord Network which will play a crucial role in transforming the culture and behaviours in the construction industry. This is needed to ensure it has a sustainable future with equitable risk allocation and prospering firms delivering great outcomes for infrastructure clients. We recruited industry leader John Hemi to join our team as a Special Advisor exclusively focussed on the work of the Construction Sector Accord where Te Waihanga leads the Procurement and Risk workstream.

Providing evidence-based advice to decision makers

During the year we commissioned Deloitte to undertake a piece of work to understand the impact of the pandemic, including risks and opportunities for the sector. The report, titled Infrastructure Construction Sector: COVID-19 Recovery Study, helped inform the advice we gave to Government and procuring agencies over the course of the year as they sought to understand and navigate a rapidly evolving situation.

We have seen the Government ramp up its focus on reform in three waters and resource management with our team highly engaged in both workstreams. We continue to work closely with agencies and Ministers on these important reforms and have bolstered the resourcing in our Policy team to provide greater support.

We have been asked by the Minister for the Environment to lead the preparation of the infrastructure and development section of the Natural and Built Environments National Planning Framework. The section is particularly important for infrastructure providers and provides an important opportunity for Te Waihanga to ensure the benefits of infrastructure and affordable housing to New Zealanders are reflected fairly and equitably alongside the aspirations to preserve the natural environment.

In addition, we have made submissions on some crucial policy areas which impact infrastructure, including the Climate Change Commission’s draft advice and we have presented at Select Committees on resource management reform and congestion charging in Auckland.


The 2020/21 Financial Year has seen Te Waihanga undertake a huge amount of engagement with stakeholders. We are extremely appreciative of all those who have taken the time to provide their feedback, thoughts and ideas as we develop New Zealand’s Infrastructure Strategy and other policy and infrastructure delivery advice. We are passionate about ensuring as many New Zealanders as possible are given the opportunity to have their say.

In April 2021, Stephen Selwood stepped down from his Te Waihanga Board position following his appointment as one of four Commissioners of Tauranga City Council. We would like to thank Stephen sincerely and acknowledge his contribution to Te Waihanga during his time on the Board throughout the establishment of the organisation.

It was with great sadness that in August 2021 we learned of the passing of former Deputy Prime Minister, Sir Michael Cullen. Sir Michael was one of the peer reviewers of our Interim Project Review of the Transmission Gully PPP Project released in April 2021 and we are greatly appreciative for the depth of his experience and the invaluable contribution he made to this project. Without doubt, Sir Michael leaves a huge legacy for our country including notable actions like establishing KiwiSaver and the Superannuation Fund which both provide a source of capital for future infrastructure.

Finally, we would like to thank our Board and the team for the work they have done during the Financial Year 2020/21. They have adapted, persevered, engaged, pivoted and delivered very well under changing circumstances this year, we are very grateful indeed.

Nō tātou e huritao ana ki te tau tuatahi o tēnei kōmihana, kua mārama te kite he nui tonu te wāhi kei te kōmihana nei ki te whakaumu i te hanganga o Aotearoa.

E whakarāpopoto ana tā tātou Rīpoata ā-Tau tuarua i ngā wāhanga e arohia ake ana me te whakaoti haere i ngā whakatutukitanga i whakaaturia ai e mātou i tā mātou Tauākī Wawata ki ngā Mahi.

Nō te piki haere o te mārama o te ao ka pēhea te otinga o te whakahaumanu i te mate urutā mate KOWHEORI-19, kua marake te kite e hira noa ake ana te hanganga tino kounga, tareka ā-utu, toitū hoki.

I roto i te tau 2020, kua pūrero ake te hanganga hei taputapu whai tikanga mō te whakahaumanutanga o te ōhanga o Aotearoa, ka mutu, e whakakitea ana e tā mātou rīpoata Maramataka i tēnei wā tonu $24 piriona te uara o ngā hōtaka mahi e whakahaerengia ana, whaihoki, e whakapau kaha ana te haere o te rāngai hanga kāinga noho. Heoti anō, e takawaretia ana ngā ngohe hanganga katoa, e arohia ana hoki te tere whakapikinga o ngā utu e whakauauatia ake ana e te piki ohotata ake

o te tono, te tauwhatinga o ngā whatunga putunga, ngā noho taratahi, kua tata pau katoa te ohu mahi e wātea ana, tē taea e ngā kaitukumahi te āhei atu ki ngā kaimahi nō tāwāhi nō ngā tepenga o te pūnaha MIQ tae atu ki ngā takawaretanga ki te tukatuka kōkota. E tino ū tonu ana mātou ki te āwhina me te ārahi i te Kāwanatanga me te rāngai i tēnei wā roa o te tauwhatinga.

He takaahuareka kia kite atu i te tupu haere o te hau o te Kōmihana hei kaitohutohu pono, ā, nō mātou te whiwhi ki te whakatū i ngā hononga ki ngā umanga whai pānga huhua.

Ko te tino kaupapa o te tau ki a mātou ko te hui taumata Infrastructure 2021: Looking Ahead, he kaupapa i taea ai e ngā manu tāiko 286 me ngā kaiwhakatau nō ngā rāngai tūmataiti, tūmatanui hoki. Ko te whakahōu i te Ture Whakahaere Rawa, me te matai hangapori, me te huringa o te āhuarangi ngā kaupapa i wānangatia ai i roto i ngā rā e rua, ka mutu, he wā hoki mō te pātai atu ki te whakahoki kōrero i ngā

mātanga o Aotearoa mō te Rautaki Hanganga o Aotearoa. Kua tīmata noa atu ngā mahi whakariterite e tū ai tētahi kaupapa nui ake hei te tau e whai ake nei.

Ko ā mātou tāngata ngā pou i ngā mahi e meinga ana e Te Waihanga, me te kounga anō hoki o ngā hua. I roto i te tau kua pahemo ake nei, E hia ngā kaupapa tino nui kua whakamaua e mātou hei Kōmihana hōu pērā i te whakarite haere i tētahi taiao mahi tāwariwari me te whakapakari ake i te matatau o tō mātou tīma ki te ao Māori me te reo Māori mā roto i te whakangungu. Kua whāngai pūtea hoki mātou ki ngā kaupapa whakapiki ora mō ngā kaimahi me te whakatū i ngā kaupapa whakawhanaungatanga ā-ōpaki e taurenarena ai tō mātou hononga ki a mātou anō i tēnei tau tauwhatinga.

E āhei ana ngā kaimahi katoa ki te tahua whakangungu hei tautoko ake i tō rātou whakawhanake ngaiotanga, ā, hei te tau e tū mai nei e aro atu ana mātou kia ū tonu mātou ki te whakapakari ake me te whakawhanake tonu i ā mātou tāngata whai pūkenga. I whakapau wā mātou i tēnei tau ki te huritao i tā mātou neke atu i te aratau whakatū ki te tū hei whakahaere, ā, kua whakawhanaketia tētahi rautaki ā-whakahaere, he mea āta hoahoa, e mau ana i ngā pūkenga e matea ana e pai ake ai te whakaratonga o ngā hanganga mō Aotearoa. Ko te whakapiki ake i te kaha me te tautoko i ā mātou tāngata kia puta ō rātou ihu tētahi wāhanga e aro tonutia ana e Te Waihanga, ā, haere ake nei.

Te Tuku atu i te Rautaki Hanganga o Aotearoa

Ko tā mātou tino kaupapa mahi i tēnei tau ko te Rautaki Hanganga o Aotearoa. Ka tukuna atu te rautaki hei hukihuki ki te Minita Hanganga hei te marama o Mahuru i te tau 2021. E poho kererū ana mātou ki te whakapau kaha a tō mātou tīma ki te kōrero ki kirirarau o Aotearoa nō ngā hau e whā, me te whakahiato i ngā hanga tino pai rawa atu nō tāwāhi, me te āta rangahau i ngā pukapuka, ko te whāinga kia tukuna te rautaki ahakoa ngā uauatanga o te wā i puta ai i te mate KOWHEORI-19.

He mea nui ki a mātou kia tuarātia te Rautaki Hanganga o Aotearoa e tētahi aromatawai tino kaha te taunakitanga, matea hoki. I roto i te tau, e whitu ngā rīpoata “Āhua o te Wā” i tāia ai e mātou hei

whakamārama i te āhua o ia aronga rāngai (wai, waea, ngao, me te maha noa atu), e toru Rīpoata Kaupapa Motuhake hoki i tāia e aro atu ana ki ngā take tauwhāiti hei whāngai kōrero ki te rautaki. E mihi whakawhetai atu ana mātou ki te hōhonu o ngā whakaaro me te paheko mai i ngā rōpū whai pānga nō ngā iwi, nō te Kāwanatanga, nō ngā kaunihera me te rāngai tūmataiti hei āwhina i a mātou ki te tuhituhi i ēnei rīpoata.

He tohu nui i tō mātou haerenga whakawhanake rautaki tā mātou tuku i tā mātou tuhinga rūnanga our He Tūāpapa ki te Ora, Infrastructure for a Better Future. Neke ake i te 700 tāpaetanga tino kino te pai te otinga iho i ā mātou pahekotanga i roto i te waru wiki, 2,452 whārangi me te 900,000 kupu te tapeketanga katoa. Kua riro ngā kōrero i whakatakoto mai hei pou i te whakawhanaketanga o te Rautaki Hanganga hukihuki.

Ko te whakaū i whānui tā mātou paheko ki ngā umanga whai pānga tētahi wāhanga tino whai tikanga i te tukanga whakawhanake, ka mutu, he tau whawhati kō tēnei mō tō mātou tīma, neke atu i te 80 ngā hui, ngā awheawhe me ngā āheinga tuku whakahoki kōrero.

Te Paheko ki ngā Tāngata o Aotearoa

Ki tā mātou tirohanga, he mea whai tikanga te pōwhiri atu ki ngā kirirarau katoa o Aotearoa ki te whakatakoto kōrero mō te āhua o te Rautaki Hanganga.

E herea ana mātou e te ture kia whakaaetia e te tini makiu te āhua o tā mātou aruaru ki te whakatutuki, ā, e mōhio ana hoki mātou ka whai pānga tēnei rautaki ki te āhua o te noho, o te mahi, o te tākaro hoki a te tangata.

I te marama o Pou-tū-te-rangi i rewa ai i a mātou tētahi whakamataaratanga e kīia ana ko Aotearoa 2050 me te pātai ki ngā kirirarau o Aotearoa ki ō rātou whakaaro ki te āhua o Aotearoa hei te tau 2021. I mīharo pai mātou ki te uruparenga, 23,500 ngā kirirarau o Aotearoa e tāpae kōrero ana. Kua tino whakaaweawetia te ritenga o te Rautaki hanganga, ka mutu, ka kitea hoki te whakaware a ngā tāngata o Aotearoa ki tō rātou anamata. Hei tauira, mai kore ake i te whakahoki kōrero a te tini makiu i tāpiritia ai te tūtohunga ‘ōhanga porowhita’ ki te rautaki hukihuki hei whakaatu i te hiranga o te āhei ki ngā hanganga pai ake mō te para me te hangarua ki ngā tāngata huri noa i te motu

He Maramataka Hanganga Tupu Parahutihuti

Nō tō mātou whakatūnga i te marama o Mahuru i te tau 2019 kua mahi ngātahi tō mātou tīma ki ngā umanga kaitaonga Kāwanatanga rātou ko ngā kaunihera ko ngā kaiwhakarato hanganga ki te kohikohi me te tā hoki i ō rātou whakaaro tauwhāiti mō te Maramataka Hanganga.

I te rā 30 o Pipiri i te tau 2021, 2,586 ngā kaupapa mahi i te Maramataka Hanganga nō ngā kaitakoha 143 e NZD$61 piriona tāra te uara. O aua kaupapa mahi i te Maramataka Hanganga, $24 piriona e whakatūngia ana.

Ināianei, e tīmata ana mātou ki te i ngā māramatanga kaha me ngā matapae ka riro hei mea whai uara ki te rāngai, tae atu hoki ki ngā rohe e totohe atu ana ki ngā aupehinga ā-rawa me ngā rāngai, rohe rānei kua tuwhene tō rātou raukaha.

Ko tō mātou whāinga mō te tau e tū nei ko te whakaū e mau ana te Maramataka Hanganga i ngā kaupapa mahi katoa a te kāwanatanga me ngā kaunihera kei runga ake i tētahi uara taumata e tūturu ake ai āwhea rawa e tīmataria ai tētahi kaupapa mahi e taea ai e te mākete te whakamahere, te tāuteute me te whakangao pūtea i runga i te māia.

Te Tautoko i te whakaotinga o ngā kaupapa mahi hanganga tino nui

He tino pakari te matatau o Te Waihanga e whakamahingia ana i roto i ngā kaupapa mahi hanganga nunui e hia hei tautoko i ngā umanga nōna te haepapa ki te whakaoti i te kaupapa. Ka taea ngā whakaritenga nei te tohutohu e tō mātou Minita, me tō mātou poari, ka whakaaetia rānei i runga i te ngākau kotahi me ngā umanga e kimi āwhina ana mā roto i ngā Whakaaetanga Tautoko Kaupapa Mahi.

Kotahi anake te tātaku minita i whiwhi ai Te Waihanga, ā, he tono tērā kia tirotiro i tētahi arotake takitaro i te kaupapa mahi Transmission Gully. I ārahina te arotake e Steve Richards, he mātanga nō Aotearoa, ā, he mea tautoko nā ngā kaimahi o Te Waihanga, ka mutu, ka tautohua ngā āheinga e hia mō te whakapakaritanga, ā, e whakaurutia ana aua āheinga i tētahi whakamōhōutanga ki te ārahitanga mō te hanga tino pai rawa atu mō te Pātuitanga Tūmataiti-Tūmatanui (PPP).

Kua tonoa Te Waihanga e te Minita Hanganga kia whakaotinga tētahi arotake whakamutunga mō te kaupapa mahi e whakaritea ana kia oti i te Q4, i te tau 2021. Ka tīmata te arotake whai muri iho, ā, ka aro atu te titiro

kia kite mehemea rānei kua tutuki i te kaupapa pai ngā whāinga haumi e whakamāramatia ana i te kēhi i whakaaetia, me ngā tuhinga tono me te waikanaetanga (PPP) whakamutunga i waitohua rā.

I te tau nei kua tautoko mātou i a Antarctica New Zealand i te hanganga hōutanga o ngā āhuatanga arumoni, me te kaitaonga, me te whakatutuki kaupapa mahi tae atu hoki ki ngā tikanga whakahaere. Kua whakarato tūtohu atu hoki te tīma ki a Auckland Light Rail me te New Zealand Upgrade Programme, me te whare haumaru koiora hōu o te Manatū Ahu Matua, me Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga, me te Hohipera o Ōtepoti me te maha noa atu o ngā whakahaere. Kua arotakengia e mātou ngā kēhi mō e hia o ngā poari hauora ā-rohe me te ārahi hoki i ngā rōpū mahi tirotiro haere pērā i te Funding and Finance Committee o Let’s Get Wellington Moving.

I uru Te Waihanga ki te Construction Sector Accord Network, he rōpū whai tikanga ka whai wāhi ki te whakaumu i te ahurea me ngā whanonga o te ahumahi waihanga. E matea ana tēnei e pūmau ai he anamata toitū tōna e tōkeke ai te tohaina o te tūraru, e rangatira ai hoki ngā umanga kia rawe ai ngā hua mō ngā kiritaki hanganga. I tāuteutehia e mātou tētahi rangatira o te ahumahi, arā, a John Hemi, kia uru ki tō mātou tīma hei Kaitohutohu Motuhake. E arohāngai pū anaia ki te mahi i te Construction Sector Accord, ā, e ārahi ana i te rerenga mahi Kaitaonga me te Tūraru.

Te whakarato tūtohunga e takengia ana i te taunakitanga mā ngā kaiwhakatau

I roto i te tau i whakaritea a Deloitte e mātou kia tīmata i tētahi rangahau e mārama ai ki a mātou ngā pānga o te mate urutā, me ngā tūraru me ngā āheinga ki te rāngai. Nā te ripoata e kīia ana ko Infrastructure Construction Sector: COVID-19 Recovery Study i āwhina ki te whakarato tūtohunga, he mea hoatu e mātou ki te Kāwanatanga me ngā umanga kaitaonga i roto i te tau nō rātou e kimi ana ki te mārama i tētahi tūāhua e tere panonitia ana.

Kua kitea e mātou te Kāwanatanga e whakakaha ake ana i tana aro atu ki te hanganga hōu o ngā wai e toru me tewhakahaere rawa, ā, kua tino aro tō mātou tīma ki ngā rerenga mahi e rua. Ka mahi tonu mātou ki ngā tari me ngā Minita i ēnei hanganga hōu whai tikanga, ā, kua whakapikingia ake e mātou ngā rauemi i tō mātou tīma Kaupapa Here e nui ake ai te tautoko e whakaratohia ana.

He mea tono mātou e te Minita o te Taiao ki te ārahi i te whakaritenga o te wāhanga hanganga me te whakawhanaketanga o te Anga Taiao Māori, Hanga hoki. He tino whai tikanga tēnei wāhanga ki ngā kaiwhakarato hanganga, ā, mā taua wāhanga Te Waihanga e whai āheinga e tika ai, e tōkeke ai hoki, te whakaaturanga o te tohatoha o ngā painga o te hanganga me ngā whare tareka ā-utu ki ngā tāngata o Aotearoa, waihoki, kia tutuki ai ngā hiahia kia tiakina te taiao māori.

Hei tāpiritanga, kua tāpae kōrero hoki mātou mō ētahi o ngā kaupapa here whai tikanga e pā kau ana ki te hanganga, hei tauira, ko te tūtohu hukihuki a He Pou a Rangi, ā, kua tāpae kōrero hoki mātou ki ngā Komiti Whiriwhiri mō te hanganga hōu o te whakahaere rawa me te utu popoke ki Tāmaki Makaurau.

He Mihi

I te Tau Tahua 2020/21, he nui ngā mahi a Te Waihanga ki te whakawhiti whakaaro ki ngā umanga whai pānga. He tino nui tā mātou whakamaiohatanga ki te hunga katoa i whakapau wā ki te tuku whakahoki kōrero me ngā whakaaro me ngā aria i a mātou e whakawhanake ana i te Rautaki Hanganga o Aotearoa, e panoni ana hoki i ngā tūtohunga kaupapa here, whakarato hanganga hoki. E tino kaingākau ana mātou kia whakarongotia ngā kōrero a te mahi a ngā tāngata o Aotearoa.

I te te marama o Paengawhāwhā o te tau 2021 i heke a Stephen Selwood i tana tūranga poari ki Te Waihanga whai muri i tana kopounga me ētahi atu tokowhā hei Kaikōmihana o te Kaunihera o Tauranga. E hiahia ana mātou ki te tuku mihi ki a Stephen me te whakamahi i ana mahi ki Te Waihanga nōna i te Poari i te whakatūnga o te whakahaere.

I uwhia e mātou ki te kapua pōuri i tā mātou rongo atu i te marama o Hereturikōkā i te tau 2021 kua mate atu te Pirimia Tuarua o mua, a Tā Michael Cullen. Ko Tā Michael tētahi o ngā hoa kaiarotake i tā mātou Interim Project Review of the Transmission Gully PPP Project, he mea whakarewa i te marama o Paengawhāwhā i te tau 2021, ā, he tino nui tā mātou whakamaioha ki a ia me te tana āwhina tino ki te kaupapa nei. Māna noa ake te korekore he nui te whakareretanga e waiho ana e Tā Michael Cullen ki tō tātou motu, ā, ko ētahi mahi rangatira āna ko te whakatūnga o KiwiSaver me te Tahua Pūtea Penihana, ā, ko aua kaupapa e rua e whakarato ana he pūtea mō ngā hanganga kāore anō kia hangā.

Hei whakatepe ake, e mihi atu ana mātou ki tō mātou Poari me te tīma i ngā mahi katoa i oti ai i a rātou i te Tau Tahua 2020/21. Kua urutau rātou me te tohe me te paheko me te huri me te whakatutuki mahi ahakoa ngā wā haurokuroku, ā, he nui koā tā mātou mihi ki a rātou.



Dr Alan Bollard CNZM

Board Chair

14 December 2021


Ross Copland

Chief Executive

14 December 2021