Outcome 2

In 2020/21 the output of this outcome was the Infrastructure Pipeline.

Outcome: The construction sector has a clear forward works programme which the sector can rely on

Indicator 1
There is an improved flow to market of major projects and demand can more readily be met by supply – including by international players.
Indicator 2
The Infrastructure Pipeline is considered the trusted source for information; it is the ‘go-to’ place.
Indicator 3
There is improved visibility of regional investment pipelines.

Te Waihanga has taken the following actions:

  • Increased our collection of data and added new filters to the Infrastructure Pipeline tool that allow users to search based on funding status, procurement type and tags.
  • Added data from Crown Infrastructure Partners on the ‘shovel ready’ initiative. This data includes 207 shovel-ready projects worth NZD$3.4 billion.
  • Developed draft interactive visual dashboards to provide users with new ways of accessing the Infrastructure Pipeline data.
  • Undertaken the procurement of a data-translation tool to help on-board and maintain disparate data sources.
  • Worked with Immigration New Zealand on using the Infrastructure Pipeline as the approved list of major infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Pipeline update

Measuring performance

Measure Activity  Target 2020/21 Outcome 2020/21
Improved flow to market of major projects. Number of projects published on Infrastructure Pipeline. Report on the change to the baseline and reason for increase or decrease. Infrastructure Pipeline contribution has grown from 2,290 projects to 2,586, and NZD$38 billion to NZD$61 billion.
The Pipeline is a trusted
source of information.
Number of entities

All capital-intensive government agencies that deliver infrastructure and 75% of local government projects by value.

Infrastructure Pipeline contribution has grown from 19 entities to 143.

All infrastructure investment-intensive* agencies are represented on the Infrastructure Pipeline except for New Zealand Police.

Improved visibility of future
infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Pipeline satisfaction survey.

65% satisfaction.


Improved visibility of future
infrastructure projects.
Extent to which the content is up to date and extent to which it is relied on. Within three months.

Major updates were undertaken in November 2020, March 2021 and June 2021.


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**93% of the 32 respondents rated the pipeline as moderately improving visibility or Overall, 65% of respondents were satisfied with the Infrastructure Pipeline’s performance. The survey period was late April 2021 to end of May 2021.