On 26 September 2019 Te Waihanga was established as an autonomous Crown entity under the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission/Te Waihanga Act 2019.

Responsible Minister

We are responsible to the Minister for Infrastructure as their principal advisor.

The Minister’s annual letter of expectations 2019/20 sets out the following as specific outputs on which Te Waihanga should make progress, or deliver, in the first year:

  • Progress on a national infrastructure strategy
  • An up-to-date and promoted Infrastructure Pipeline
  • Special Topic Reports
  • Statement of Intent/Statement of Performance Expectations
  • Advice on improving infrastructure procurement practices
  • Recruit an additional Board member.

Minister’s annual letter of expectations 2019/20. [PDF, 399 KB]


Top: Maurice Davis, David Cochrane, Raveen Jaduram, Stephen Selwood

Bottom: Sue Tindal, Dr Alan Bollard, Sarah Sinclair

Seven Board members have been appointed by the Minister for Infrastructure.

Chair: Dr Alan Bollard

Deputy Chair: Sue Tindal

Appointed Members: David Cochrane, Maurice Davis (appointed from 1 July 2020), Raveen Jaduram, Stephen Selwood and Sarah Sinclair              

The Board has a sub-committee, the Audit and Risk Committee. The Committee comprises three Board members and one independent member (appointed by the Board):

Chair: Sue Tindal

Members: David Cochrane, Murray Harrington (independent member) and Raveen Jaduram

The Board, including the Audit and Risk Committee, operates under the Board Charter (April 2020), which sets out the corporate governance for Te Waihanga. 

Te Waihanga Board Charter. [PDF, 736 KB]

Directions issued by Ministers

In 2019/20 no Ministerial directions were given to Te Waihanga.