Our journey

Highlights from 2019-20

13 August 2018
Cabinet (CAB-18-MIN-0388 refers) agreed, in principle, to establish a new independent infrastructure entity by 1 October 2019, subject to further Cabinet decisions on institutional form, powers and funding. This started our formal journey.
1 November 2018
The Interim Infrastructure Transactions Unit (ITU) was established within the Treasury with the purpose of “lifting the quality of infrastructure procurement and delivery through supplementing agencies’ teams with dedicated infrastructure experts”. Ministers tasked the ITU with becoming the Government’s lead advisor and centre of expertise on the procurement and delivery of major infrastructure projects.
9 May 2019
The first iteration of the Infrastructure Pipeline was published by the ITU. It grew to $36 billion worth of projects in our first year.
26 September 2019
The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission/Te Waihanga Act 2019 established Te Waihanga as an autonomous Crown entity.
1 October 2019
The Government Procurement Rules, 4th edition came into force.
10 October 2019
Cabinet Office Circular (19) 6, ‘Investment Management and Asset Performance in the State Services’ replaced Cabinet Office Circular (15) 5 of the same title. This circular set out Cabinet’s expectations for the management of investments and identified where Cabinet approval was required.
16 December 2019
Ten staff were moved from the Treasury to Te Waihanga and a physical office was opened. Te Waihanga commenced its own recruitment.
28 February 2020
Te Waihanga held its first symposium, ‘Infrastructure 2020: Looking Ahead’, to help consider the key issues for infrastructure in 2020 and the next 30 years.
3 June 2020
Ross Copland was appointed as Chief Executive of Te Waihanga.
12 June 2020
Guest speakers from Te Waihanga were featured in a Visionweek webinar, talking about how New Zealand is creating an infrastructure vision for the next 30 years.
29 June 2020
Ross Copland commenced his role as Chief Executive of Te Waihanga.
31 July 2020
Establishment Chief Executive Jon Grayson finished his role with Te Waihanga.
Key Highlight
In the 2019/20 financial year, Te Waihanga built on the work of the Interim Infrastructure Transactions Unit to improve and deliver an Infrastructure Pipeline that would be a trusted source of information. Growing to the value of $36 billion in our first year, the Infrastructure Pipeline is an important part of the work delivered under outcome 2.