Our objective

To deliver a step change in New Zealand’s planning and delivery of infrastructure, its systems and settings, delivered through four main outcomes.

Outcome 1

An agreed programme of reforms and initiatives to drive better infrastructure outcomes in the long-term.

Achieved through:

  • Developing a 30-year Strategy Report, working with Māori as Treaty partners, central and local government, the private sector and other stakeholders
  • Building an evidence base.

Outcome 2

The construction sector has a clear forward works programme, which the sector can rely on.

Achieved through:

  • Publishing a reliable Pipeline of planned forward works programmes.

Outcome 3

The infrastructure procurement capability of government agencies and the construction sector is improved.

Achieved through:

  • Supporting procuring agencies in the preparation of business cases
  • Supporting market engagement activities
  • Bolstering project governance
  • Project Support Agreements
  • Managing New Zealand’s Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme.

Outcome 4

Decision-makers have a basis for bold reform and policy change, informed by independent, evidence-based recommendations.

Achieved through:

  • Special Topic Reports.

Organisation structure

The whole organisation supports Outcomes 1 – 4, and the teams that work directly to achieve Outcomes 1 – 4 are noted below.