Covid-19 update

Te Waihanga has been directly engaged as part of the Government's support of the construction sector during the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the sector. 

As part of that process, Te Waihanga has supported MBIE in the development of guidance for procuring agencies in relation to managing contracts during the crisis.

Te Waihanga has an important role in preparing best practice guidance on major infrastructure procurement and delivery.

Changes to the Government’s Procurement Rules 4th Edition (notably rule 64(external link)) make it mandatory for procuring central government agencies to consult with Te Waihanga and follow its guidance on projects with a total cost of ownership of more than $50m.

Major infrastructure projects by their very nature are large scale and complex – they have bespoke issues, risks and challenges that may require more sophisticated project planning, management, procurement and governance approaches.  The guidance provided by Te Waihanga will help procuring entities identify key considerations for the successful delivery of their project objectives.

Te Waihanga's guidance is intended to complement, rather than substitute the more general procurement guidance already available from other agencies, particularly the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment(external link) as part of its role as the functional lead for government procurement. 

The guidance below forms part of a suite of guidance documents relevant to the planning and delivery of major infrastructure projects in New Zealand. It should be read in conjunction with other such guidance and requirements of the Treasury’s Investment Management and Asset Performance team(external link) (IMAP). These documents were prepared by the Infrastructure Transactions Unit prior to the establishment of Te Waihanga. 

Project Governance

This document (the Guidance [PDF, 602 KB]) is intended for use by public sector Procuring Entities and their advisers.  It provides guidance on establishing appropriate governance arrangements for major infrastructure projects, from inception to delivery and benefits realisation. 

Market Engagement

Procuring a major infrastructure project is likely to involve a market engagement process. This document details the elements procuring entities should consider in undertaking such a process. General inquiries about this guidance should be directed to, rather than the contact details provided in the document.