Transmission Gully Post-Construction Review

Te Waihanga has begun a Post-Construction Review of the Transmission Gully PPP Project.

About the Review

With large public infrastructure investments, it’s good practice to learn from project successes and challenges.

In August 2020, the Government directed Te Waihanga to oversee an independent review of how the Transmission Gully Project was commissioned. When this was released, in April 2021, the Government instructed Te Waihanga to do a further review once the project was complete.

The Post-Construction Review looks mainly at the construction phase and preparations for ongoing management of Transmission Gully, focussing on how well the Transmission Gully Project has delivered on its investment objectives in the 2014 Detailed Business Case. This includes:

  • looking at key events and risks that have adversely impacted the project, including why it’s been delayed, and how these were managed;
  • whether the project has achieved value for money and if better value for money might have been obtained through a different procurement model; and
  • the management and governance arrangements put in place for the project.

Subject to final road completion, Te Waihanga expects the Review to be completed in late 2022.

The Reviewer

The Post-Construction Review is being undertaken by Steve Richards – who also carried out the Transmission Gully Interim Review.

Steve has over 25 years’ experience supporting the Australian Government on major road and rail projects. He has worked across both the private and public sectors and is a leading expert in assurance and Gateway reviews, having led and participated in several major reviews for Infrastructure New South Wales and the Australian Government, covering the transport, schools, justice, health, education, water and telecommunications portfolios.