What we do

One of Te Waihanga's key roles is to support government agencies, local authorities and others to procure and deliver major infrastructure projects. Our aim is to supplement, rather than replace, existing capability. 

We tailor our support according to the project: 

  • size 
  • complexity 
  • risk level 
  • procurement capability. 

 We can provide: 

  • Procurement and delivery support - from the preparation of a business case, to market engagement, procurement, negotiation and/or project delivery, including, where appropriate, providing embedded commercial and procurement expertise. 
  • Best practice guidance - advice on infrastructure procurement and delivery, including best practice procurement processes and documentation for major infrastructure projects. 

Te Waihanga also has specialist expertise in alternative financing models, including public private partnerships(external link). 

Note: we are the custodian of the NZ PPP model and have a mandate in relation to other government agency alternative financing models.

We have developed a set of information sharing protocols [PDF, 132 KB](external link) to explain how we will use data collected in the course of providing advice and guidance. 

Our Mandate

You can learn more about Te Waihanga's mandate through our enabling legislation(external link), as well as: 

Public Service departments and agencies planning major projects with a total cost of ownership greater than $50m, must: 

  • consult with Te Waihanga early in the development of their business case 
  • follow relevant published Te Waihanga guidance(external link) 
  • involve Te Waihanga in the assessment of the project’s business case and advice to Ministers 
  • invite Te Waihanga to participate in relevant project steering and working groups, and in the selection panels for all key advisor appointments in relation to the project 
  • use any standard form documentation developed by Te Waihanga as the basis for any infrastructure contract, and consult with Te Waihanga over any material proposed modifications. 

Read Government procurement rules – ‘Who the rules apply to’(external link) (external link)

State Services agencies will typically engage with Te Waihanga through the Investment Management System.

Cabinet expects that agencies planning investments will consult Te Waihanga early, particularly when: 

  • investments are greater than $50m 
  • innovative approaches to procurement and alternative financing arrangements are being considered.  

Treasury, Te Waihanga and relevant functional leaders will determine how best to support an investment.