Blake Lepper appointed GM, Infrastructure Delivery

We are pleased to announce that Blake Lepper has been appointed as GM, Infrastructure Delivery.

Blake has strong hands-on delivery experience along with a clear strategic vision for lifting the delivery outcomes for infrastructure. He and the team are responsible for leading and influencing excellence in project planning and delivery to maximise value from infrastructure investment for all New Zealanders. We asked Blake a couple of questions so that you can get to know him a little better…

Tell us why you were interested in the GM, Infrastructure role

It is a fascinating and challenging time to influence the delivery of major infrastructure projects in New Zealand. New Zealand is spending more on public infrastructure than ever before. Yet New Zealand still has an infrastructure deficit.

At present, we are failing to get the best results from our spending. We are still approaching the planning, procurement, and delivery of projects in a piecemeal fashion. We are not creating the thriving and productive industry we need to deliver our built aspirations. We are reacting to problems in our networks as they arise rather than proactively investing in resilient and fit for purpose networks for our future.

What do you bring to this position?

In my time at Te Waihanga, I have worked broadly across the Government’s infrastructure portfolios and considered the key strategic issues facing delivery as part of the team working on the Infrastructure Strategy. Through this work, I’ve built a strong view of the opportunities to build a more effective system for delivering infrastructure. Overcoming our infrastructure deficit will require approaching project selection, definition, risk, sustainability, and innovation in new ways. 

I am proud of what I have achieved during my time so far at Te Waihanga and I look forward to continuing to add tangible value to the projects we are involved in, and to help the Commission to develop a reputation as an engaged, authoritative, and trusted advisor. 

Yet I know we can do better. We need to think carefully about the best mechanisms for influencing change at a system level. As leader of the Delivery team, I am confident I could leverage the incredible skills and experience of our advisors more effectively to create greater influence and impact across all our infrastructure providers.

In the General Manager role, I see the opportunity to continue the great start we have made as a Commission and shape an infrastructure system that supports a thriving Aotearoa.

To find out more, you can get in touch with Blake at