Commission News

New Zealand builds infrastructure less efficiently than other countries

New Te Waihanga research shows New Zealand gets less value from its infrastructure spending than most other high-income countries.

Blake Lepper appointed GM, Infrastructure Delivery

We are pleased to announce that Blake Lepper has been appointed as GM, Infrastructure Delivery.

New study reveals ballooning cost of resource consents

A new study reveals infrastructure providers spend $1. 29 billion annually obtaining resource consents.

Review of NZS3910 construction contract launched

A review of one of New Zealand’s most used construction contracts has been commissioned by…

Study shows construction material supply issues pose opportunity and risk for infrastructure

The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga, says that New Zealand faces challenges in meeting demands for key construction materials…

Move to greater height limits 'an encouraging step' says Te Waihanga

The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga says plans to allow greater height limits for buildings in our major cities…

Te Waihanga Shows Way Forward for Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga has given the Minister for Infrastructure a draft strategy for how infrastructure can…

Infrastructure for the Future Forum: 2050 Strategy

Te Waihanga General Manager, Strategy, Geoff Cooper presented at the Taituarā Infrastructure for the Future Forum today in Wellington.

New report reveals New Zealanders views on infrastructure issues

Over 23,000 responses to the survey on New Zealand’s infrastructure.