Podcast: A global view of infrastructure project costs

Large-scale and complex infrastructure projects, often take longer than expected and cost more than expected, but some places seem to get better results than others. In the latest Infrastructure for a Better Future’ podcast, we take a global view of infrastructure project costs. 

In this episode, Peter Nunns Director - Economics at Te Waihanga interviews Dr. Eric Goldwyn from New York University and the Transit Costs Project, and Liz Innes - Director of Investment and Reviews at Te Waihanga, to talk about why infrastructure costs can differ between countries and what can be done about this.  

This conversation builds on a report we published last December, entitled “The lay of the land: Benchmarking New Zealand’s infrastructure delivery costs”, that explores how the cost to build infrastructure in New Zealand compares with other high-income countries.

The lay of the land: Benchmarking New Zealand's infrastructure delivery costs