Initial infrastructure review of the Auckland Anniversary weekend storm

As part of our work to understand resilience in infrastructure, Te Waihanga has undertaken an initial infrastructure assessment of the 2023 Auckland Anniversary weekend storm.

The purpose of the paper is to provide an initial view on the severity of the January 2023 Auckland Anniversary weekend storm resulting in stormwater flooding in Auckland, the impact of the storm on Auckland’s infrastructure and the issues or weaknesses this event has raised about stormwater management and our infrastructure system.

The paper is not intended to provide a full assessment of the impact of the flooding on Auckland, and does not comment on the impact on areas outside of Auckland. It was was compiled in the days immediately following the storm, using the limited public information available at the time, meaning that we are necessarily relying on secondary sources of information. The assessment was written before Cyclone Gabrielle reached New Zealand and so refers only to the Auckland Anniversary weekend storm.