Te Waihanga begins research into fairness and infrastructure

Te Waihanga is undertaking a long-term research project that will explore fairness and how we provide and pay for infrastructure. This research will be conducted over 14 months and will explore fairness in the provision and funding of energy, land transport, water and telecommunications, and includes several significant pieces of research, as well as a public engagement process. The findings from this work will help inform the next New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy and underpin the Commission’s advice to local and central government and other infrastructure decision-makers.

One of the key findings from the New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy - Rautaki Hanganga o Aotearoa is that we won’t be able to build our way out of the challenges ahead of us and difficult trade-offs will have to be made. This raises important questions about what’s fair when it comes to how we prioritise and pay for infrastructure.

How infrastructure is planned, provided, paid for and used, matters for how fairly and easily different people can access infrastructure services and for ensuring that the community as a whole gets the greatest value from its infrastructure investments. And, our investment decisions now can have an impact for decades, affecting the wellbeing of future generations.

Throughout this work, we’ll be looking for opportunities to connect with organisations and individuals throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

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