Watch: Webinar - What's fair? Providing and paying for infrastructure

On 1 May 2023, Te Waihanga hosted a webinar to support the launch of its deep-dive research project into infrastructure and fairness.

This webinar looks at our in-depth research project on fairness and infrastructure. Presenters Geoff Cooper, Gail Pacheco, Jane Godfrey and Nik Green discuss how Te Waihanga is approaching this research. The panel also answers questions from the audience.

This research will explore fairness in the provision and funding of energy, land transport, water and telecommunications, and includes several significant pieces of research, as well as a public engagement process. The findings from this work will help inform the next New Zealand Infrastructure Strategy and underpin our advice to local and central government and other infrastructure decision-makers.

Webinar speakers:

  • Geoff Cooper, General Manager, Strategy, Te Waihanga
  • Gail Pacheco, Professor of Economics and Director of the NZ Work Research Institute at AUT
  • Jane Godfrey, Senior Advisor, Strategy, Te Waihanga
  • Nik Green, Principal Advisor, Inquiries, Te Waihanga 

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