Webinar: The Ballooning Cost of Consenting

The Resource Management Act (RMA) consenting process for building and renewing infrastructure accounts for $1.29 billion in project costs every year across Aotearoa New Zealand. Costs that have risen by 70% over the last seven years, fueled by growth in consultants and legal fees.

What are the issues with infrastructure resource consenting and how will the new resource management system respond to this challenge? 

On Wednesday 9 February 2022, Te Waihanga hosted a webinar based around the findings of its recent report on infrastructure consenting.


Ross Copland, Chief Executive, New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga

Ross Copland has a background in the design, procurement, financing, and delivery of infrastructure as an engineer, an asset manager and a Chief Executive. Ross holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with First Class Honours, a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA.


Jo Mooar, Senior Corporate Counsel, Transpower NZ Ltd

Jo Mooar is a Senior Corporate Counsel at Transpower, with an environmental law focus. Jo has over 20 years RMA experience, including 10 years at commercial law firms. In this time, Jo has worked on large infrastructure projects, for Transpower and other infrastructure operator providers. Jo has been involved in numerous regulatory processes under the RMA and other fast track legislation, including select committee hearings and council plan making processes.


Amelia Linzey, Group Director Advisory and Chief Planner, Beca

Amelia Linzey is Beca’s Chief Planner, on the Beca board, and is currently the Group Director of Beca’s Advisory business. Amelia's planning work includes a range of project experience largely associated with major transport infrastructure, utility services and social infrastructure. Amelia is an experienced expert witness in both Council and Environment Court proceedings. Amelia was one of six independent experts on the Review Panel appointed by the Minister for the Environment recommending reform for New Zealand's resource management system.


Jeff Loan, Principal, Sapere Research Group

Jeff Loan is a Principal at Sapere Research Group. Jeff specialises in designing and evaluating regulatory and public policy interventions. As well as leading the work to calculate the cost of consenting infrastructure projects, Jeff has recently completed work on streamlining the building consent process for modular buildings, led the business case development for new ICU and ward capacity as part of the COVID-19 response, and is providing regulatory advice on the Three Waters reform.