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Report to the Department of Internal Affairs on the Water Services Economic Efficiency and Consumer Protection Bill.

PDF 576kB - Water

Report to the Department of Internal Affairs on the Water Services Legislation Bill.

PDF 662kB - Water

Research that considers the way people pay for stormwater services in other countries as well as in New Zealand.

PDF 1.7MB - Water

Research that studies the impact that different pricing structures can have on property-owner decisions, performance incentives for the new Water Service Entities and the market for on-site systems.

PDF 700kB - Water

Research that looks at how the English economic regulator encourages a competitive wholesale water market.

PDF 480kB - Water

Research that looks at retail water markets in the United Kingdom. 

PDF 642kB - Water

Te Waihanga submission on the Water Service Entities Bill.

PDF 709kB - Water

Te Waihanga submission to the Ministry of Business,
Innovation & Employment on its discussion
paper Economic Regulation and Consumer Protection for Three Waters Services in New Zealand.

PDF 483kB - Water

Report that examines the state of New Zealand’s three waters infrastructure in the context of the government’s proposed reforms, and an emphasis on future regulatory settings.

PDF 1.9MB - Water

Report on the state of water infrastructure in New Zealand.

PDF 2.7MB - Water