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Te Waihanga submission to Auckland Council on its proposal Sharing the cost of Drury’s Growth – Contributions Policy 2022 Variation A.

Transcript of the second episode in our Infrastructure for a Better Future series. This episode looks how Stockholm successfully introduced congestion charging.

Te Waihanga submission to the Ministry of Transport on its Regulatory Systems (Transport) Amendment Bill.

OIA response around Te Waihanga advice on option analysis for Let's Get Wellington Moving.

PDF 4.1MB - Transport and freight

Te Waihanga submission to the Ministry of Transport on its Hīkina te Kohupara discussion document.

Te Waihanga submission to the Transport and Infrastructure Committee inquiry into congestion pricing in Auckland.

PDF 1.3MB - Transport and freight

Report on the state of transport infrastructure in New Zealand.

PDF 2.4MB - Transport and freight

Report sharing information, findings and recommendations from an interim review of the Transmission Gully project.

Report looking at trends and issues that can impact the freight and port sector

PDF 1.7MB - Transport and freight