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Te Waihanga submission to the Ministry for the Environment and Ministry for Primary Industries on their discussion paper National Direction for Plantation and Exotic Carbon Afforestation.

PDF 288kB - Planning , Resources

Transcript of the third episode in our Infrastructure for a Better Future series. This episode looks at the productivity of our construction sector.

PDF 70kB - Construction , Resources

Te Waihanga submission to the Ministry for the Environment on its discussion document on the application of the NES-F to the coastal marine area.

PDF 310kB - Planning , Resources

Te Waihanga submission on the National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity (NPS-IB).

PDF 5.5MB - Planning , Resources

Te Waihanga submission to submit to the Ministry for the Environment exposure drafts of NPS-Freshwater Management, and NES-Freshwater
amendments as part of the ‘Managing our wetlands’ workstream.

PDF 746kB - Resources , Planning

Te Waihanga submission to the Environment Committee on the Resource Management Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters Amendment Bill.

PDF 446kB - Resources , Housing , Planning

Te Waihanga submission to the Commerce Commission on its Draft Market Study into the Grocery Sector.

PDF 482kB - Planning , Resources

Te Waihanga submission on the 2021 parlimentary paper on the Natural and Built Environments Bill.

Research on places with opportunity for future hard rock and gravel extraction across New Zealand.

PDF 7MB - Construction , Resources

Report on the state of resource recovery and waste infrastructure in New Zealand.

PDF 1.5MB - Waste , Resources