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Report that examines trends in urban land values between 2010/11 and 2020/21.

PDF 1.4MB - Housing , Decision-making , Planning

Report that examines how we can manage the impact of rising land prices on infrastructure project delivery.

PDF 6.3MB - Planning

Report to the Department of Internal Affairs on the Water Services Legislation Bill.

PDF 662kB - Water

Report to the Department of Internal Affairs on the Water Services Economic Efficiency and Consumer Protection Bill.

PDF 576kB - Water

An initial infrastructure assessment of the 2023 Auckland Anniversary weekend storm.

PDF 643kB - Resilience

Report that looks at how much energy and transport infrastructure New Zealand needs to support transition to a low emissions economy.

Report that benchmarks infrastructure delivery costs as a way to find out both how we’re doing and if there are ways we can improve the affordability of infrastructure delivery.

PDF 3.4MB - Construction , Planning

Report that looks to improve our evidence base on the economic performance of New Zealand’s construction sector, and in particular the heavy and civil engineering construction sector.

PDF 1.5MB - Construction

Report that investigates how the size of local government impacts cost efficiency.

PDF 1.1MB - Local Government
Report that examines the abundance of New Zealand’s low-emission energy resources and outlines what would be required to develop these resources to decarbonise our electricity system and develop new export opportunities.
PDF 1.9MB - Net-zero emissions , Energy