Social media guidelines

We want to foster an informed and engaged online community, where everyone can be part of constructive conversations about infrastructure in Aotearoa New Zealand, now and looking towards the future.

To ensure that our social media platforms are used appropriately, we ask that you follow our community guidelines: 

  • Be respectful. Please use common courtesy and do not make comments that contain offensive, profane, defamatory, threatening language or which are otherwise inappropriate in a public forum. These comments will be removed in accordance with the Harmful Digital Communications Act. Repeat offenders may be banned from, or restricted from commenting on, Te Waihanga's LinkedIn profile.
  • Do not spam us. Making the same point over and over either on the same or different posts is considered spam. If this happens, we will leave your first comment but hide the duplicates.
  • Stay on topic. Only make comments that are relevant to the topic or theme of the post. If you disagree with our view on something and decide to make that point every time we post, your comments will be considered spam.
  • Create a conversation. We often share links to third-party websites to encourage thoughts and discussions. This does not mean we endorse all the views expressed on third-party websites. We also don’t necessarily endorse the views expressed by others on our social media channels.
  • Give credit where credit is due. When you share an interesting image or video from our page/s, please take the time to tag us or include the handle responsible for the original post.
  • Protect your own and others' privacy. Never post comments containing personal, identifying or confidential information such as account details or other personal information including address, telephone number, email, passwords, etc.  
  • Do not post advertisements or solicitations on our comments section. Do not use fake accounts or ‘bots’ to troll our pages. Do not tag us in profane and offensive posts or tweets. Such tags will be removed.


Te Waihanga's LinkedIn page is monitored 8.30am–5pm, Monday to Friday, however, we do endeavour to respond to urgent queries outside of these hours.

Questions and queries

We will attempt to answer questions within one working day. There are some topics that we won’t be able to discuss, such as when the matter is related to a confidential or sensitive operational or security matter, the subject of an investigation or is of a political nature. We might ask you to contact us via direct message to provide us with more detail in order for us to assist you.

Requests for official or personal information should be directed to

Media queries should be directed to


When posting on Te Waihanga’s LinkedIn page, please protect your personal privacy and that of others by not publishing personal information such as private addresses or phone numbers. Our page is not secure as it is under the control of third parties. We encourage you to read LinkedIn’s conditions of use and privacy policy.

Moderation policy

We encourage feedback, questions and discussion on our social media accounts but ask that you please respect others.
We may, at our discretion:

  • Determine what constitutes inappropriate content
  • Inform you if we remove or edit inappropriate content and give you the opportunity to post revised comments, and
  • Block users who breach our community guidelines or the terms and conditions of LinkedIn.

If you think particular behaviour or activity needs to be brought to our attention, direct message us.

If we block you and you think we’ve made a mistake, you can contact to seek an explanation.

Enquiries via social media

While we try to assist with simple questions or issues, many matters can't be resolved via social media. Please contact Te Waihanga online, by phone or in writing if you have a query or matter that you’d prefer to discuss privately.