Aotearoa 2050

As part of our work to develop the Infrastructure Strategy we talked to New Zealanders about what they want Aotearoa to look like in 2050.

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About the report

Our lives rely on infrastructure. We need it to get around, get ready for the future and get ahead as a country.

From 22 March 2021 to 2 May 2021 we looked at these three needs, the big issues we face and what we want Aotearoa to look like in 2050. 

The Aotearoa 2050(external link) campaign received 23,638 responses and more than 8,500 comments.

What we’ve heard will shape the development of a 30-year infrastructure strategy. The strategy will lay the foundation for the people, places and businesses of Aotearoa to thrive for generations.

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Key findings

  • Not always having access to safe drinking water was the number one infrastructure issue for New Zealanders.
  • Creating too much waste and our ageing schools and hospitals were the second and third most important issues.
  • Four out of five New Zealanders want to see an increased investment in water networks to solve current issues.
  • Significantly priority placed by New Zealanders on the ‘planet’ over ‘jobs’ and ‘people’ in future decision making.
  • Strong support for a reduction in the amount of waste New Zealanders produce.
  • Support for a move away from the use of fossil fuels in transport.
  • Reducing the need to travel by implementing non-built infrastructure options like working from home was popular.