PPP Guidance

Te Waihanga’s provides PPP guidance for public sector entities (referred to as Procuring Entities throughout our guidance) that are considering or implementing PPP as a procurement option for a major infrastructure project. Our guidance assumes that Te Waihanga’s Standard Form PPP Project Agreement will form the basis of the contract to be signed with the private sector partner. 

Standard Form PPP Project Agreement and Model Schedules  

Te Waihanga’s Standard Form PPP Project Agreement contains the core commercial principleand structure of the New Zealand PPP model. 

This Agreement provides a credible and market-tested precedent for future PPP projects. It reflects valuable lessons learned and tested contractual positions from previous PPP projects. 

Version Three of the Standard Form PPP Project Agreement was released in October 2013 following the signing of contracts for the two pathfinder PPP projects (the Ministry of Education's Hobsonville Schools PPP and the Department of Corrections' Auckland South Corrections Facility PPP). 

Te Waihanga is currently undertaking a review of the New Zealand PPP model. We anticipate that the review will result in an update of the Standard Form PPP Project Agreement. 

PPP Practice Notes

Te Waihanga occasionally issues Practice Notes intended solely for public agencies that manage PPP contracts. These Practice Notes outline Te Waihanga’s views on specific aspects of the New Zealand PPP model and PPP contract management. They belong to the suite of guidance documents issued by Te Waihanga related to the planning and delivery of major infrastructure projects in New Zealand, including PPPs.