New Zealand’s Infrastructure Challenge

As part of our work on a New Zealand infrastructure strategy, we commissioned a report on the scale of New Zealand’s infrastructure challenge.

About the report

‘New Zealand’s Infrastructure Challenge: Quantifying the gap and path to close it’ was developed by Sense Partners. It undertakes a high-level analysis of New Zealand’s current and future infrastructure requirements, covering issues like addressing existing infrastructure deficits, providing for future population and economic growth, maintaining and renewing infrastructure, and cost pressures due to limited delivery capability.

New Zealand’s infrastructure challenge is too large to fix by simply investing more. At present, we spend roughly one out of every twenty dollars we earn as a country on public investment, but Sense Partners finds that we would need to lift that to nearly one of every ten dollars to fully address our infrastructure challenges through new investment. This rate of investment would need to be sustained over a 30-year period.

Sense Partners’ analysis highlights the scale of the infrastructure challenges facing us, and the need to look for a range of solutions to our challenges, including making better use of the infrastructure we have, making better decisions about how to invest, increasing sector capacity to deliver, and increasing infrastructure funding and financing.